Talking Teaching

Talking Teaching

The Talking Teaching podcast is a weekly deep dive into a wide range of topics and issues in education.

Each episode, hear from a different educator with unique experiences and ideas in teaching and learning through an informal, extended conversation with host, Karl Millsom.

Guests on the Talking Teaching podcast come from all different walks of educator life, including classroom teachers, school administrators, coaches and internationally renowned authors.

You can watch episodes of the Talking Teaching podcast on the Rebel Teacher Network YouTube channel or subscribe to the audio podcast on your favourite podcast app.

Karl Millsom

Karl is the founder of the Rebel Teacher Network, host of the Talking Teaching Podcast and co-host of the Rebel Teacher Podcast with Lee Dargue and QuoteEd with Sufyan Christian.

Karl began in education as a leader of youth centres in England before moving to Indonesia to teach English as a foreign language. As a teacher, he always strived to make lessons as engaging as possible and to make learning as valuable as possible, and these principles remain at the heart of his educational philosophy to this day.

Karl very quickly identified a desperate need for teacher development programmes in Indonesia and later across the world. This realisation led to his establishing a training institute for teachers and later the Rebel Teacher Network to connect passionate and progressive teachers around the globe.

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