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Welcome to the Rebel Teacher Network

The Rebel Teacher Network is a community of educators who recognise the need for change in the education systems around the world.

On this website, you will find the content we have created and the projects we collaborate in, all with the goal of making education more engaging, more effective and more equitable for students and teachers around the world.

Podcasts from the Rebel Teacher Network

Rebel Teacher Podcast

Join Karl and Lee as they explore some of the biggest challenges facing educators today.

Talking Teaching

Hear unique stories and ideas from passionate educators around the world in conversation with host, Karl Millsom.


Sufyan Christian breaks down some of his favourite quotes on education from radical thinkers throughout history.

Ed Talks

David and Ryan discuss


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Meaningful Learning

Benjamin Freud explores design and implementation of innovative learning experiences that have real impacts on the world.

“A great teacher is the best start in life a child can have.”

Karl Millsom

About Us

The Rebel Teacher Network comprises educators from around the world, and as such is home to a wide range of opinions and visions. While we all have the same ultimate objective of making education more engaging, effective and equitable, you can expect to find different and sometimes conflicting views within these pages. This, we believe, is a strength, not a weakness.

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