The Meaningful Learning Podcast

Meaningful Learning

The Meaningful Learning podcast is about designing and delivering innovative experiences that provide just in time learning.

It brings together a community of educators who understand that learning is both a personal and a social experience, and can only be meaningful if it has an impact on the learner and her/his community.

How we can prepare students for the present and the future, to cultivate their value of learning for itself, and be caring, kind human beings who make a difference in the world?

You can listen to the Meaningful Learning podcast on the Rebel Teacher Network YouTube channel or subscribe to the audio podcast on your favourite podcast app.

Benjamin Freud

Benjamin is the host of the Mindful Learning podcast on the Rebel Teacher Network.

Benjamin is the Whole School Leader of Learning and Teaching at Prem Tinsulanonda International School in Chiang Mai, Thailand and founder of, where he explores the “lived” curriculum and how to develop a culture of active learning that can have a meaningful impact on students and their environment.

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