What I Mean When I Say No Homework

As with most things on Social Media, I tend to express a significantly simplified version of my position on Homework in most interactions. I present myself as being anti-homework, and broadly speaking this is true. But it is of course nowhere near a full, nuanced explanation of my opinion. The truth is, I think thereContinue reading “What I Mean When I Say No Homework”

The Layered Trouble with Learning Styles

I’ve written many times about the problem of learning styles, but today I want to examine a new wrinkle in the old problem. 1. Learning Styles as an approach to teaching has been thoroughly disproven and debunked. Yet still somewhere between 50 and 80% of teachers believe that it is real and should form theContinue reading “The Layered Trouble with Learning Styles”

The “No Grade” Paradox

The idea of “going gradeless” is still new to most teachers, and still not attractive to many. But it is growing in popularity quite rapidly, and an increasing number of teachers now agree that a no-grade approach to teaching and learning is something like an ideal. However, many teachers also consider it one of theContinue reading “The “No Grade” Paradox”